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1.  ICT human resource development policy:
To attach importance to the development of internal human resources, the inheritance team, and at the same time to recruit additional human resources from the outside and the experts capable of training and training.

Human resources combine corporate culture and ensure the core integrity that the company has formed in the development process.

2.  Recruitment policy:
Unified and open throughout the system.

Recruiting on demand and standards.

Attract senior human resources and trained professionals from abroad.

3.   Education policy:
This is the most important task in building and developing human resources.

ICT implements a policy of long-term human resource utilization through appropriate training and training programs to create the best environment for human resources development along with the development of the company.

4.  Human resource management policy:
Labor management in accordance with the law and the rules, regimes and policies of the company.

Build a healthy working relationship based on the development of corporate culture.

Human resource management from key, decentralized and responsible units.

Job description, responsibilities and authority for each title.

Promote and reward based on the attitude and capacity of each individual.

5.  Salary policy, bonuses, benefits and benefits:
Ensure that employees’ income is competitive, commensurate with the individual’s ability and dedication.

Salaries include basic salary and subsidy commensurate with labor, responsibility and labor efficiency.

Individuals who achieve outstanding performance will be honored and rewarded in a timely, open and fair manner.

Bonus period is quarterly and year-end depending on the business results.

Extra reward system based on individual and collective achievements.

Every year, we organize tours at home and abroad and other cultural and sporting activities.

Taking care of the material and spiritual life of the staff (wedding gifts, bonuses, sickness, gratitude, scholarships, International Children’s Day,…).


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