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Established in September 1, 2004 on the foundation of the mould factory VIETNAM. Our company recruits enthusiasm, dynamic, creative and honest engineers who master ...

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Our company focuses on investing in infrastructure to bring our employees the best environment to create high quality products that bring satisfaction to our customers. Office ...


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DAVISTAR Corporation is committed to meet the needs of customers. We are constantly expanding our relationships with many partners to create the best support network ...

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We specialize in machining metal products, especially sheet metal working, professional laser cutting, laser cutting on demand:


Our company operates in the field of mechanical processing according to the drawings, especially specializing in sheet metal working …
Plastic Processing
Davistar is specialized in processing all kinds of decorative plastic, interior plastic, exterior plastic, engineering plastic, plastic household …
Mold processing
Services Mold processing CNC, CNC machining combinations are made by CNC milling machines, modern CNC machining …
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